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Providing Everything You Need

Bear Medical is proud to offer over 27,000 SKUs through MD Buying Group.  We have over 18 major brands.  Click on titles below to see lists of our offerings.  The lists do not represent practice and group pricing.

Image by Jan Kopřiva

In our last few years of business, Bear Medical Partners has provided over $40 Million in what is now known as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) over the past two years.  From gloves to masks to gowns, and more, Bear Medical has become a staple in the Southeast market for providing top-quality products to protect the women and men that protect and save us on a daily basis.

Shared Office

From needles and syringes, to lab and office, there are so many options.  For Dental, Bear provides all types of gauze, forceps, scalers, mouth mirrors, elevators, and so much more.  There is nothing Bear Medical hasn't found for our growing customer base.  In order to support our pharmacy customers, we even offer the best in sundry goods with over 1,800 SKUs on-hand that save our customers 10% over what they are used to paying.  Give us a try, give us a challenge. 

In a Meeting
Aerial View of Hospital

Whether you need bio bags, sharps containers, beds, or nearly an endless list of products, Bear Medical has over 28,000 SKUs across over 11,000 products.  If there is something we don't have on-hand, we can likely get it within days.  There is a reason why Bear was named by multiple states and agencies as their "vendor of choice" and "the best in emergency response" for 2 years running.  We have over 500,000 sq/ft of warehousing space waiting with your right products.  


If you are challenged with pharmaceuticals, we have a partnership with one of the largest wholesalers in the world.  We even have infant needs, including formula.

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