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Do you sell to the general public on this site?

Unfortunately, no we do not sell directly to the general public on this site or through our office directly.  We require a business license and/or proof of government agency and or tax-exempt status of your business. 

We have a list of over 15,000 products we currently sell and have 3 major partnerships, with warehouses in Georgia, New Jersey, and California to get you what you need, when you need it!


We do, however, sell to the public through  We'd love to provide the products the professionals use!

Can you give me more information about your organization?



Please take a look at our about section or our main page.  If you need either medical products or services, please review these sections and contact us directly through the chat, our main number, or our email address for sales at

At Bear Medical, our process has taken us from the smallest supplier in Georgia to a "Top 2 Strategic Supplier" for the state in 14 months with over 50+ suppliers.  This happens by putting customers first.


Has my order been sent yet?


We strive on overcommunicating to our customer base.  It is what has given us the numerous awards and recognitions from multiple government agencies and hospital systems over the past 3 years.  We provide email updates to our points of contact when they ship, when they should arrive, and ensure we understand the procedures of all arrival docks for your particular business.  If you are in the Atlanta or North Georgia area, we also oversee onsite to for the first couple of shipments to ensure a smooth transition to our customers.


Can I track my order?


This depends on size of order.  If orders are in smaller amounts and sent through FedEx, UPS, etc. then those orders are fully trackable.  If you are ordering multiple pallets or full truckloads, those orders are more complicated and use the proper shipping companies based on pricing and location.  In those cases, we recommend you email or call us directly, if you haven't already received communications from our expert teams.


Why don't you have direct and specific pricing for your products and shipping online?

Simple, we don't sell in small enough volumes that can justify these published costs.  We wholesale our products and have 3 major partners that allow us to find the right products, at the best market costs at that moment, that are closest to you, to get them there when you need them.  Also, shipping costs have doubled and tripled over the past year, depending on week, fuel costs, and resource costs.  We use 14 different shipping options to make sure there is as little impact to your budget as possible.


Which methods of payments can I use?

Depending on size of order, we accept company credit, EFT, ACH, and a number of other methods.  We bill quickly, meet our deadlines, and only offer the best quality products and services.  In most of our services situations, the costs are paid for by what we recover for your organization!  It's easy to pay with free money.


You’ve sent me the wrong items!!!



This has only happened once in our history and was during the peak of the pandemic.  It was because the driver at the time was exhausted, as were the dock workers, and both docks accepted the wrong items (from two different organizations).  BMS quickly sprung into action and got the correct product and swapped out at our cost, even before the other medical supply company knew it had happened.  That's service!


Why have you received so many awards and been recognized so many times?

We break our success to a 3-pillared approach.  Quality, Delivery, and Communication.  Most every medical company breaks down in one of these three categories.  If you centralize your focus and recognize that without these three details, patients aren't getting the top-quality service they deserve.



For your revenue recovery service, how does the artificial intelligence work with our recovery?

We use machine learning to look for claim patterns to find the right rebill opportunities on 835 and 837 files.  The engine has been perfected over a 4 year timeframe.  We use the proprietary and public insurance rules, combined with Error Code CO45's and 25 modifiers to find what is missing.  We then use those "Cause of Error" findings to allow to rebill the appropriate agencies with our focus on HMO, Medicare, and Medicaid.


How do we submit our 835 and 837 files?


There are three methods we currently employ.  Our standard is 12-months of data, with can be done by:

  • Portal Log-In to our partner system using a drag-and-drop User Interface

  • SFTP Hand-Off, if you want IT involved

  • On-Site Memory Stick using a face-to-face with one of our consultants


What is your average rate of return based on annual revenue?


The rate of return varies based on a number of factors, but our lowest rate to-date is 1.3 and that was due to the fact that the CFO was extremely focused and versed on these rebills.  We still found him millions of dollars in returns.

Our average rate of return currently is 3.4% of annual revenues with the peak currently just below 7% of annual revenues.


Why do you offer both products and services as a supply company?

Our founder came from technology and services within the healthcare space.  He realized that there are major gaps in claims, accounting, and other areas that are caused more from the system itself than the hard-working teams we call customers.  As product costs continue to fluctuate, it was easier to partner with organizations that find massive capital recovery when it comes to billing, making purchases of products that much easier. 


What certifications does your services offering have?

We take your PII and PHI data requirements very seriously.  Our team members have at least 10+ years of experience and the taking the combination of our founder and the founding members of this services and technology offering, you are looking at over 165+ years of experience.  The technology is certified for:


  • SOC2

  • SOC3

  • "High Trust" Certification


What costs are associated with the services and how long does this take?

Zero out-of-pocket costs for a process that takes 4 business days.  We assume all risk and charge 30% of the recovered revenue found by our process.  We have the ability to do this monthly, after the first 12-month dataset, to make it easier and more profitable, for our customer partners.

If you want to rebill yourself, you can use your experienced team to do so.  If you want to use our US-based team to rebill, then you can do that for an additional fee.

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