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Healthcare Revenue Recovery

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Revenue Recovery

Our experienced partners use an artificial intelligence platform and machine learning routines to find a 1-year reclaim to look for Zero-payment and underpayment opportunities.  The platform completes a full audit of all 835 and 837 files provided by our customers that generally include HMO's, Medicaid, and Medicare, among others.  The Revenue Recovery platform finds somewhere between 1.3%-7% of additional annual gross revenues for our healthcare customers with a current average of 3.3% in recovery for the initial 12 month review and continues monthly.

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MACRA and Quality of Care

The top priority of any system or practice is the quality of the care provided.  As of the 2015 MACRA Act, standards of quality care for CMS patients took the forefront.  The biggest challenge for any provider is the lack of transparency in the scoring (RAF) and the specific steps required to not only increase quality care, but how to reduce penalties while maximizing necessary revenues from CMS to keep the practices growing.  BMP and our partner network allows us to address these issues and more with top-of-the-line technology and over 20,000 service personnel ready to improve your patient experiences. 

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Insurance Rebilling

Once we have found your organization's available revenues, it's time to rebill.  You can choose to do it with your team or you can contract our US-based team to do it for you.  We are a full-service organization and want to ensure you get the mileage from your already stressed and overworked team.

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